Sunday, October 14, 2007

Order Form

To order your loaf, loaves, or your Omar of Manna, print out the form below and mail it with your check. Our online market will be up in a few days. You will receive an email acknowledgment that your order has been received within 24 hours of its arrival here. Reserve your loaves now for Hanukkah or other special holidays!

Order Form

Judah's Bakery

P. O. 114, Caliente, CA 93518 v

The Bread of Heaven

A bread made with 99.999 pure gold, transformed back to its

non-metal stellar origin, baked into the bread.

Loaves of the Golden Bread of Heaven can be ordered either singly or by the traditional number of twelve. When twelve loaves are ordered the cost drops to half price. Loaves are mailed out FedEx only to ensure freshness on arrival. Loaves are packed to ensure they arrive in perfect condition for your event.

All orders must be prepaid, either by check or credit card.

Person placing the order: caterer_____purchaser_____

Date of your event:_______________________________________

Last Name___________________First Name__________________

Middle Initial______

Address for Delivery__________________City_________________


Phone Number__________________alternate______________

Special Instructions for delivery:_____________________________

Billing Information: Credit Card_______ MC__ Visa__ AmEx__

Diner's Club ___Check & No.___________

Name as it appears on check or credit card:_____________________

Billing Address:__________________________________________


Phone Number associated with credit card:_____________________

Items Ordered:

Ceremonial Loaves, Leavened

Number of Ceremonial (Leavened) Loaves ordered:

_____________________ 1 – 11 @ $500.00 each

Number of Sets of 12 loaves ordered:_______________ 1 or more @ $3,000.00 each

Original Shew Bread, Unleavened

Number of original (UnLeavened) Loaves ordered:

_____________________ 1 – 11 @ $500.00 each

Number of Sets of 12 loaves ordered:_______________ 1 or more @ $3,000.00 each

Egyptian Bread of Eternity

Organic whole unleavened wheat fine flour pyramid with 1 teaspoon Manna

Number of loaves ordered:_______________________$1000 each



Bread made by the Israelites from Manna using 1 Omer (8.8cups) made as an archaeological recreation

Number ordered:________________$880,000.00 dollars each loaf

Number ordered:________________$10,560,000.00 per set payable in gold bullion

Omar of Manna

Omar of Manna:______________$100,000.00 each


Tax and shipping is included in the cost.

Shalom, and thank you for your order.

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