Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Secret Function of the Tabernacle

But in Moses' time, this was the location of the gold mines at the temple of Hathor - an Egyptian goddess in the image of a cow, and where a golden 'calf' was destroyed, hammered into gold leaf, burnt and cast on the water for the Israelites to eat at Rephidim near Jebel El Lawz. Here the first tabernacle was erected and inside the sanctuary, Moses instructed Bezaleel in what he learned from his training as a priest of the temple of Ammon as a member of the royal Pharonic house of Ramsses. Bezaleel was taught the secret art of high temperature smelting of gold ore to refine gold to make the Ark of the covenant, and during the late evening, the production of manna as the gold vapor was exhausted into the sky as a "tower of cloud" that cooled and fell back on the camp in the moist dew of the morning .

In the laboratory we reproduce the conditions existing in the time of Moses during the Exodus using pure gold. This material is currently being produced at a major university to allow for analytical testing onsite to assure purity via X-ray diffraction, ICP Spectroscopy and electron microscopy during its transformation. This requires a complex series of devices to recreate the precise conditions of high temperature and exhaust that sent then vaporous gold from the gold laden quartz of Bezaleels furnace into the atmosphere to fall back as mist that dried into particles the size of coriander seed. And gold in this high spin, non reactive, non metallic state has unusual quantum characteristics. But more importantly can be formed into an edible form of "bread" as described in the passages of the holy book of the Exodus

This mystery is now solved. Manna is individual atoms of gold disconnected from metallic crystals and is indeed "pure gold" like the gold found in stars, and the Pharaohs, and even their adopted sons like Moses, worshiped the sun - a star.