Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Mission of Judah's Bakery

As you look over the Judah's Bakery site you will see that there are a number of products and that each product is produced from a reconstruction based on ancient texts, including the Bible.

Judah's Bakery came into being as the means to provide a visceral connection between the ancient world that gave rise to Judaism and our world today, giving us access to the truths that have been reinterpreted over the intervening centuries.

Those reinterpretations destroyed the literal truths by converting them into allegory and thus into mythology. Judah's Bakery produces these ancient recipes literally. This became possible through advanced understanding of the technologies involved through long and detailed study of the material that Moses would have access to as an adopted member of the royal family of Egypt.

In this way our intention is to give back to the Jewish people, and to the world, their true history thus providing a deeper understanding and stronger connection with the overarching sacred presence of Yhwh.

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gregaspec said...

with those prices you feed only the rich and famous,why? Are you to deny even a beggars portion to one as myself. I am a humble man of simple means and cannot afford such extravagence.